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Tim Meighen Update As some of you know, I have been ill for the past few months. It started with kidney stones which led to a urinary tract infection which then turned into sepsis with multiple complications. I was in Ohio State University for a month during which time the doctors told Roberta to prepare for the worse. Some of you may not know this but my wife is a very determined person (to put it mildly) and she told the doctors that they would do everything they could to save me and they did. The sepsis shut down my kidney and I needed dialysis for a short time but now that is working ok. I had a few other complications during the hospitalization but I think those have all been resolved. Since being discharged from Ohio State, I was in a rehab facility for a few days before I developed pneumonia and was admitted to a hospital near our house. Since then I have been in an acuity hospital getting physical therapy and building up my strength. I hope by the time you read this I will be at home. Needless to say, this has given me some time to reflect on many aspects of my life. Right now, I cannot continue as your treasurer or reunion planner. I need to focus on getting my health back to where I was before this all started. I have made all the plans for the reunion and have turned over last minute details to Harry. I still hope to be an active member of the organization and by September hope to be back to my old self and see everyone in Gettysburg. I hope once my health is back to normal that I can resume some of my old duties. Tim 2016 IS ELECTION YEAR FOR OUR ASSOCIATION Elections for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer Positions on the Association Board of Directors will be held at the Annual Business Meeting on Saturday morning of the reunion. We will begin taking nominations upon receipt of this newsletter. You may nominate yourself or someone else, however if you nominate someone else they must agree to serve. Once all nominations are received a ballot will be prepared and be in the August 2016 Newsletter. If you have any questions contact me at: pleiku-lpa@sbcglobal.net The following positions are elected, president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The positions of Chaplain, Webmaster/Newsletter and two directors are appointed by the president.
MEMORIAL SEARCH PROJECT We are searching for relatives of those heros we honor each year at our memorial service. We want to let them know their loved ones are not forgotten and invite them to attend our reunions. If you know how to contact any relatives of the fallen please share that information with Janet Anduss at pleiku-lpa@sbcglobal.net The list of the Missing or Killed In Action from Pleiku Air Base can be assessed by clicking MEMORIAL on the Pleiku Website.
Attention to our SPS Members. There is a new Locate item on a 633 SPS member.
ATTENTION 1 ACS MEMBERS Family looking for anyone that was in the 1st ACS in 1967 that knew Major Charles E. "Bud" Rogers, If you, or someone you know, knew Major Rogers his family would like to hear about his time in Pleiku from you. Major Rogers was shot down 4 May 1967, and is one of the men we honor at our annual memorial service. If you have any information contact me at pleiku-lpa@sbcglobal.net
REUNION PHOTO ALBUM The Ladies' Auxiliary is happy to announce that the photo album is finished. The album contains 26 loose-leaf pages that can be inserted into a binder of your choice and updated with pictures from future reunions. The albums were mailed on October 21 so if you ordered one and have not yet received it, please let me know. We sold 32 copies at the reunion in Lexington and have a few extras for those of you who did not get a chance to order one. If you are interested in a copy, please email me at raweikart@aol.com or phone 330-692-2905. We would like to thank everyone who helped in creating this album and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it for you. Becky Weikart
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Several new items under the Locate page have been posted. Please check it our and perhaps you can assist a fellow Pleiku Veteran. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The February 2016 issue of the Pleiku Air Base Association newsletter, The Highland Air Times, has been mailed to those with paid up membership. The next edition will be mailed in early May 2016. If you have an item for the next newsletter send it to: pleiku-lpa@sbcglobal.net Only dues paying members will receive a copy.
2016 Membership Dues Note that the Dues are $25
When you receive your copy of the Highland Air Times the envelope will have an indicator of your
dues status.   If you have  M-16 on the left side of the envelope it means you have paid your 2016 dues.
If you have  M-15 you are delinquent.  And if you last paid your dues prior to 2014, you aren't going
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